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Kimber Super Sale! Save $75 - $100 on all in-stock Kimber pistols, the new standard of personal defense - Super Special on Kimber's S.S. Solos - regularly $815.00 now $715.00 while they last!

We are a Kimber Stocking Dealer
Kimber Stocking Dealer

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Precision Gunsmithing
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Kimber Super Sale! Save $75 - $100 on all in-stock Kimber pistols, the new standard of personal defense - Super Special on Kimber's S.S. Solos - regularly $815.00 now $715.00 while they last!

Precision Gunsmithing Corp. is located in the Illinois State Capital City of Springfield, IL. Are you are looking for a skilled gunsmith with the specialized tools and experience to get the job done right? Are you wanting to buy a quality new or used firearm (handgun, rifle, or shotgun?)

We sell a wide variety of major firearm brands, and specialize in American-made Kimber pistols and Olympic Arms rifles. Precision Gunsmithing also carries a full line of gun accessories and shooting supplies in our gun shop. Precision Gunsmithing owner John Arnold would like to earn your business - contact him by phone at (217) 585-1911 today!

New Arrivals From Kimber!

  • Custom II 45acp
  • Custom Target II 45acp
  • Royal (old model) 45acp
  • Stainless Target 45acp
  • Gold Match II
  • Team Match II 9mm-old Mod
  • Pro Carry 45acp
  • Pro Carry II night sights 45
  • Ultra Carry II45acp
  • Stainless Ultra II 45acp
  • Ultra TLE II 45acp
  • Ultra TLE II (LG) 45acp
  • Stainless Ultra TLE II (LG) 45
  • Ultra Crimson Carry II 45acp
  • Pro Crimson Carry II 45acp
  • Tactical Ultra II 45acp
  • Tactical Pro II 45acp
  • Tactical Custom II 45acp
  • Eclipse Custom II 45acp
  • Eclipse Pro II 45acp
  • Custom Covert II 45acp
  • Ultra Covert II 45acp
  • Custom Aegis II 9mmUltra
  • Aegis II 9mm
  • Pro CDP II 45acp
  • Ultra + CDP II 45acp
  • Ultra CDP II 45acp
  • Ultra Raptor II 45acp
  • Stainless Ultra Raptor II 45
  • Super Carry Custom II 45acp
  • Super Carry Ultra + 45acp
  • Super Carry Ultra II 45acp


Looking For Your Kimber?

Kimber Super Carry.45 ACP pistol

Kimber Super Carry .45 ACP pistols, the new standard of personal defense - IN STOCK!

They are made in the Kimber Custom Shop to unequaled requirements of usability, dependability and performance. Light, powerful and loaded with the very best features for concealed carry, this is the Pistol to have on your side.

Kimber is highly respected as the world's largest manufacturer of quality 1911 pistols. Many different models of Kimber 1911 .45 ACP and 9 MM pistols are in-stock here at Precision Gunsmithing.

Why wait for the usual 3-4 month ordering process to obtain the specific Kimber pistol features that you desire?

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Our Gunsmithing Services

  • General Gunsmithing
  • Action & Rifle Work
  • Shotgun Work
  • Revolver & Pistol Work
  • Stock Work
  • Gunsmithing Details


Olympic Arms AR-15s - We Stock Multiple Configurations!

Olympic Arms AR-15 Model K3B-M4-A3-TC - M4 Tactical Carbine

Precisionion Gunsmithing currently offers Sale Pricing on Olympic Arms firearms - in both rifle and carbine models. Call 217-585-1911 for special pricing on the many Olympic Arms AR-15 rifle and carbine models that we have currently in stock.

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Precision Gunsmithing is located on the South Side of Springfield, Illinois - just north of Lake Springfield and southeast from the intersection of Interstate Highways I55 and I72. Located in Sangamon County within Central Illinois, our gun store and gunsmithing shop location is conveniently accessible to firearm buyers and owners throughout Illinois. Click Here for a Mapquest Map with driving directions to our shop and showroom.